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Forgiveness…Yes But How?

June 30, 2010

Forgiveness…Yes, But How?

Forgiveness is, in many ways, a mystery.  Can you touch it? Can you see it? Can you hand it to the one who made you so angry you weren’t sure what you would do or say?  How do you remove the black rock that has lodged itself inside you and years later is still rock hard and growing? Why should you even care?

Anger will eat us alive and as one author said,”the skeleton at the feast is you” and that is truly how it feels.  People tell me over and again that they have forgiven the same issue so many times and the second that button gets activated it all comes up again as though it happened only yesterday. Anger is a bitter taste, plummeting solar plexus, adrenaline rush, and exhaustion all at the same time. Can that possibly be good for you?  Only if you just killed the beast that was attacking your family.

The process used in Heart Forgiveness Workshops called the DTQ Process took thirty years to develop and is the most effective way to not only forgive, but to forgive in the heart, and have it last forever, that I have ever found. I can tell you what we do but what good is that?  Talk is cheap.

There is a saying I heard years ago that I never forgot and it relates to anger and its friend bitterness. “Before 40 you have the face God gave you. After 40 you have the face you give yourself.”  We all start out with the beauty and purity of our pure core of health radiating through us, our shining eyes and lovely faces. Come to a Heart Forgiveness Workshop and permanently rid yourself of years of toxic, aging, debilitating, and literally physically deforming ANGER before it damages your heart and your health for another day. Forgiveness not only heals- it beautifies.

Join us in Sarasota, or anywhere else you’d like to put a group together for a Heart Forgiveness Intensive Weekend and we will make arrangements with you. Booking now for the Fall and Winter.

Heart Forgiveness is about what Forgiveness does for YOU.

I Am Alexandra Barrett and I Am a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.

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