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Heart Forgiveness – Anger Courses and Workshops

July 31, 2010

Heart Forgiveness sessions are much more than anger courses or an anger management class.

Heart Forgiveness is a four session workshop that shows participants:

  • both how to forgive
  • and how to live without anger

rather than how to manage anger.

What if you could take an anger class that actually gets rid of anger? Why do you want to manage anger when you can get rid of it permanently?

You might be thinking:

“That’s easy for you to say. How do I DO that?”

If you go online and research anger management classes and anger courses, you’l find that there are lessons that students have to study, questions to answer and a certain amount of clock time to graduate and get an anger management certificate.

From an academic perspective there is probably some real value in the content of the course materials. Bringing awareness to a problem is a very good place to start solving it. If you think about it, in the context of the course work, when a participant takes an online anger class it is all learning that takes place in the head.

It has to be because the courses are done cognitively with reading, comprehension, questions and tests. Unfortunately, anger and forgiveness are not aspects of the conscious mind. Anger and forgiveness are not rooted in mental patterns. They are behavioral patterns that express emotional patterns rooted much deeper than conscious thinking.

Let’s look at this and think about it.

Is Anger a Thought or an Emotion?

Does correcting a negative thought correct the underlying negative emotion?


Of course a person can have angry thoughts when they are angry internally. The thoughts stem from behavioral patterns not thought patterns. This may sound a bit redundant yet it really isn’t.  Talking about or thinking about them does not change emotional and behavioral patterns.  Angry behavior comes from deep seated emotional stuff that is expressed through behavior. These behaviors are actually emotional patterns established within the personality and energy of the person. It is not conscious thought, rather subconscious thought and behavior that create the expression.

The big questions is this:

Why Do You Want to Manage Anger Anyway?

Wouldn’t It Be a Better Solution to Get Rid of Anger Permanently?

In my book, the answer is yes. Permanent works.

Maybe you’re like me.

Managing stuff I don’t like over and over again is a lot harder for me than dealing both with the problem – and it’s root – and getting rid of it once and for all so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Otherwise it’s like cutting a limb off a tree that is dying with a massive root infestation.

Heart Forgiveness heals and cleanses emotions by first healing the underlying glitch in the energy pattern. When this happens, it creates a new vibrational pattern without the glitch and this new vibrational pattern bubbles up into the emotions and thoughts.

It’s an inside-out clearing and alignment not a top down or outside-in correction.

When the emotional pattern that creates the anger is erased and replaced with a healthy one, what remains is a healthy pattern. The net result is that healthy emotions and behaviors become the new default.  What other anger course does that?

Heart Forgiveness is a system created by Dr. Ed  Carlson of St. Petersberg, Florida. Heart Forgiveness works in the realm of human consciousness above 500 according to Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness.  This is important in this discussion because thinking and reason (in Hawkins map of consciousness – page 68 – Power vs Force) cap at 499.

By the way, anger on Hawkins scale is at 150 on a scale of 1-1000.

The point is you can’t think forgiveness because it takes place at a higher level of consciousness in the heart and the energy – deeper than thought and reason.

Heart Forgiveness gets permanent results in 4 Sessions.

Sessions runs about 2-3 hours depending on the number of people in the group. It is a hands on highly interactive workshop facilitated by a Certified Core Health and Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.

It’s fun, easy and interesting.

Anger is toxic. Quit trying to manage it. Get rid of anger once and for all.

Why not take one of the anger courses that will help you resolve anger issues in your own life?

New Heart Forgiveness Workshops  starting next week and next month. We are also taking sign ups for a new Core Health series in August. Give us a call or send an email

941-227-5763  or       email heartforgivenessfacilitatoratgmaildotcom

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Certified Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.

Michael and Alexandra Barrett facilitate Heart Forgiveness Workshops, Core Health Workshops and Funny with Money Workshops


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