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What’s New in Heart Forgiveness Workshops

August 31, 2010

This week’s news in Heart Forgiveness – one session ends and a new one begins

This week brings us to the end of a special Heart Forgiveness session working with a father and two sons. The boys are both teenagers – one 14 and one just turned 16 the day before the sessions began – visiting Florida from England for two weeks.

We modified the normal time frame from a typical 4 week cycle meeting once a week to a two week cycle with two sessions a week.

These kids got the hang of Heart Forgiveness fast. They jumped right in, rolled up their sleeves – each choosing to clean up their act. This is my first experience facilitating teenagers and overall it was fun.

Kids clear trauma and emotional junk fast because they are young and have not had years – like adults – to accumulate and reinforce energy glitches and dysfunctional behavior patterns.

There was also an aspect of playfulness and a sort of unspoken disregard for convention that distinguished it from traditional sessions.

Forgiveness – What an Amazing Thing for Two Boys and a Father…

In spite of silliness, games and proactive clowning around (creating all out laughter at times) there was some deep releasing going on.  Shifts in anabolic energy were huge to the positive and a great deal of anger released by all of the particpants, not just our teenage pair.

During our third session, in spite of a fairly high degree of initial resistance to the breakthrough, there was a huge release for one of the boys that was both emotional and disturbing. From my perspective it was exciting because I sensed what was imminent and gently, yet supportively, pushed for a positive transformation and shift, and it happened.

His intuitive father played a role as a catalyst as well.

There were brief moments of discomfort as participants dealt with the intensity and the emotional release. The room stabilized quickly as we all moved back into our hearts and energy, as a team.

It is a joy to be both a stimulus and an observer. What great work this is seeing people emerge and expand out of separation into wholeness.

The boys’ father has immense insight to recognize both the need and the potential for these kids and to make it his mission to bring all three of them back into alignment.

This is a great dad and these are great kids.

The fourth participant is an amazing man who has struggled with anger for many years and what progress he has made over the last few months.

Heart Forgiveness does it again.

Later this week, we complete the fourth session. Working with this group has been fun and rewarding experience. Thanks guys – all of you – for playing full on and doing such a great job.

New Heart Forgiveness Workshop

Date: Begins September 2

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Location: Rejuvenations

Address: 2650 Bee Ridge, Sarasota, Fl  34231 (about a block towards the water from Tuttle on the south side of the road)

Contact: 941-554-8657 or 941-227-5763

Come join us. You’ll love it. Class is filling fast…
Co-Facilitators: Michael Barrett and Alexandra Barrett

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Core Health Facilitator

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  1. January 5, 2011 4:00 am

    Are there workshops scheduled for 2011? Do you ever come to the New York area?

    Thank you,


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