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Sarasota Heart Forgiveness Workshops March 2011

March 13, 2011


New Heart Forgiveness Workshops in Sarasota this March.

Being a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator is a real blessing. Each new series expands the awe and wonder of the magnitude of human consciousness. There is both joy and fulfillment in facilitating processes that in-power the individual to move from confusion and fragmentation to being whole and complete again – within themselves.

To step out of illusion, disappointment and anger into awe.

As participants shift and open – and the ‘glow of understanding’ starts shining through them – their hearts and eyes and smiles – it is always a miracle.

There is a gentleness, a softness and a sense of awakening like a newly birthed doe struggling to stand up and walk the first time. And then springing into motion – taking in the amazing world around them.

Sometimes it is almost unspeakable and stunning – like a beautiful sunset or a magnificent piece of music or art, like standing in the presence of a master and knowing it.

The warmth. The power of love. The expanding energy.


These are the moments that make life worth living and valuable.

The amazing part is that it happens every time. Not necessarily in the same, specific way each time – because the people are different – yet in the same powerful, transformational way. And in the end, everybody feels it.

Somehow we grow again and again in the process.

New Sarasota Heart Forgiveness Workshops are forming now. Come and be a part of this experience and see for yourself. You can see what others are saying about their own experiences here: Heart Forgiveness Testimonials

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator. Alexandra Barrett is a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator and together we offer a dynamic balance of healthy male and female energy in the work as a facilitator team.


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