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What is Heart Forgiveness? Anger Courses With Results.

April 1, 2011


Heart Forgiveness Workshops are anger courses with measurable results. Let’s talk about what happens in Heart Forgiveness Workshops.

It turns out that forgiveness is not what we thought it was.

It is not a conscious process. It is not a matter of learning how to face your ‘perpetrator or the person you are angry with’ and make peace with them.

Forgiveness is not for THEM.

It is for US – to be free of the energetic connections to the events, people and anger that make us weak and hold us to the past. Forgiveness is a matter of debugging the operating software system (the underlying subconscious programming and energy glitches) permanently.

We, as a modern society, have not understood this before. We were always taught that forgiveness is for the other person. Something around:

If we forgive them, God will forgive us.

Wrong answer, that’s not how it works after all.

When we change our energy connection to the “thing (or person) that needs to be forgiven”, we set our energy free around that issue and make it available to the rest of us (our energy and consciousness).

It’s like repairing shorts in an electrical system or the unplugging the plumbing so everything can flow freely – AND NATURALLY – again.

In a way, the  Heart Forgiveness process is like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, only it’s the heart edition:

Extreme Makeover Heart Edition.

We go into the basement, attic and garage of our mind, emotions and our energy and renovate.

The first thing we do in a renovation is bring in the dumpster and “demo”. We collect and remove of all the junk, debris and garbage. Then we clean everything, re-organize, put everything that we’re keeping back where it belongs. Sometimes there are electrical issues and grounding problems. Sometimes we repair the plumbing and the heating and cooling systems, we add new storage, move a wall or two, renovate the foundation and landscape.

With some paint, new fixtures and TLC, everything works better and we have replaced the house to the type of condition it was in – in the beginning.

And in this context: basically a new version of the original you.

Before the hurt and emotional pain and loss and lack of clarity – like it was when you were a young child – clear, whole and powerful.

Extreme Makeover Heart Edition in 4 Sessions.

In the same way that the team of experts on Extreme Makeover Home Edition completely renovates a house – or builds a new one (or Gordon Ramsey and his team renovate a restaurant in Kitchen Nightmares) in a week – start to finish,  as Facilitators, we facilitate the Extreme Makeover Heart Edition in 4 days (or a 3 day intensive).

In the Heart Forgiveness Workshop

People release anger permanently through clearing energy glitches that have been locked in to the energy system as operating and underlying subconscious defaults.

These defaults direct our subconscious reactions to ‘the glitch” without our conscious awareness that it is happening in most cases. We know something is going on – usually after the fact, just not what it is for sure.

The release is always subtle and sometimes dramatic in the following way. There is an overriding sense of “relief” coupled with a huge release of energy. Actually a better way to say it might be: access to a great deal more energy through expansion.

With roots in Dr John Diamond and Dr David Hawkin’s work, Core Health and Heart Forgiveness execute and make possible the results that Dr Bruce Lipton talks about as a possibility.

Heart Forgiveness is fast, effective, unique, powerful, simple and fun. And yet it changes lives.

The effects and benefits from the workshop continue to expand far into the future once they begin because that is how life energy works.

All of us know what “life energy” is about. Yet no one ever taught us how to manage it. Heart Forgiveness does.

See for yourself and see what others are saying about Heart Forgiveness Workshops and Core Health at Core Health Testimonials.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator. Alexandra Barrett is a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.

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  1. October 15, 2011 7:42 am

    I have always believed that forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, and has nothing to do with the other party. It is a resolve that you will not let the actions of the past waste even a second of your future.
    It is not about absolving someone or accepting a bad act but about choosing to forgive inspite of that.
    I wrote about anger and forgiveness recently in my article: controlling anger all about forgiveness.

  2. December 13, 2011 7:12 pm

    I like the aspect that forgiveness is for yourself at first!

    • January 20, 2012 12:00 pm

      Thanks Billie Anne for checking in.

      I agree with you. I like that too.

      We are told from a young age that it is selfish to think about our self first. Yet from a practical perspective learning how to receive is the way we acquire the means to have what we want to give. And from an energy perspective, we have to “clear” our own junk before we can clear our relationship to other people’s junk.

      It’s actually pretty cool how it all works. What other people do really has nothing to do with us. It has to do with how we handle what they do.

      As my friend Loryn says, “Eat well.”


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