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What The World Needs Is More Heart Forgiveness

July 4, 2012

What The World Needs is More Heart Forgiveness

As a human being, friend, wife, mother, sister, and Certified Facilitator; there is no doubt in my mind that what the world needs now is Heart Forgiveness.

I say specifically HEART FORGIVENESS because most of us wish to forgive at a deep level and we don’t know how to make that happen even with the best of intentions. Forgiveness from the heart is a process that requires bypassing the head and releasing the emotional charge connected to anger, hurt, pain, and deep disappointments that occur when we feel life and God have failed us. That kind of emotionally charged anger is not so easy to forget or to forgive.

We have a process for forgiveness and it makes life a lighthearted experience again. It frees us of the burden of anger on our hearts and in our energy. Even if you never thought about what lies in your energy field before, it may be time to start opening your mind to a new way of thinking. Science is showing us everyday that our deepest fears, angers and emotions precede us wherever we go and people see it whether we want them to or not. You may be able to camouflage your emotions when you are conscious of the need to do so, but no one can be that conscious and on guard 24/7 – not even the most vigilant of us! And who would want to live that way? That is what we call a serious energy drain on your well-being!

After moving to Virginia where no one seems to know about Heart Forgiveness, I got a real wake up call as to just how dire is the need for this process and workshop. People here tend to be so suspicious of anything that is not labeled as “Christian” and uses the word “energy” that it is actually laughable to me. What could be UN-Christian about finding a process (other than prayer) to facilitate a deeper level of forgiveness than just thinking about it? That is like saying therapy is anti Christian.

This reminds me of the man who prayed for rescue from the flood but turned down the boat and the helicopter that came because God was coming to rescue him. When he asked ” Lord, why hast thou forsaken me?” God said “I sent you a boat and a helicopter! What exactly were you waiting for?”

Heart Forgiveness is a life enhancing, freedom producing tool and process, yet like anything, you must avail yourself of it and use it to maximum effect in order to experience the benefits. We offer 2.5 day intensives for groups of 5-16. We work with families, sales teams, support staff, nurses, teachers, addicts, law enforcement, firemen, and other groups.

We are here when you are ready. What the world needs now is Heart Forgiveness.

Alexandra Barrett and Michael Barrett
804-261-4048 or 941-227-5763

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