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Can You Believe It’s Almost 2015?

December 2, 2014
Michael Barrett 2010

Michael Barrett 2010

The time has flown by since certification as a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator in 2009.

Life has changed dramatically in a number of ways during those five years. We started in Sarasota, Fl, went to Costa Rica in late 2011 returning to the US in the spring of 2012. Richmond VA was home for about 18 months and back to Sarasota late 2013.

Heart Forgiveness, as a workshop, continues to evolve as my understanding of it expands on a personal level. Owning the information is essential as a facilitator and it takes time – and practice – to get there. In the last five years I have facilitated several hundred hours of workshops and have donated over 400 hundred hours of private session work during the same period, in addition to paid private sessions.

New classes and intros scheduling now.

Learn more here: Heart Forgiveness Workshops, Core Health and Intros.

The process is really interesting, fun and rewarding – a good use of time.

While every group is unique, there is a common thread that runs through all workshop groups: synergy. In each workshop there are numerous breakthroughs and expansions for participants. And what’s interesting is that the synergy creates a sort of ‘multiplier effect’. It activates an awakening or ah-hah moments that ripple through the room. As a facilitator, I can see that when it happens – and I can feel it. But the most interesting thing for me – personally – is that the synergy also magnifies my experience in the group. Consistently, I achieve a new understanding or activate a different perception about a topic that is already very familiar to me. Almost every time, with rare exception, something magical happens and I walk away from the group with a deep sense of fulfillment and awe because what takes place is always bigger than I am. I am merely a conduit to deliver the message. Although I am quite experienced, I am always surprised by what takes place because I never know ahead of time.

Drawing upon a quote I used a couple of years ago, on this blog, here is what Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can
sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

Ralph, from my experience, I have to agree with you.

I Am Michael Barrett.

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