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Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett

CHF, HFF, Qigong Practitioner for 20+ years, Author, Trainer, Presenter, Boomer Coach, Pure Health Advocate


Phone: 941-227-5763

Incorporated into my philosophy of health is the premise that vibrant health is the natural state of being. Anything else is neither universal nor natural. My life passion is to empower people to manifest a new physical consciousness and vibrant healthy lifestyle, guided by Spirit and Love, to re-establish the natural wholeness we were born with.

Michael Barrett - HFF

Heart Forgiveness and Core Health are the missing pieces to the puzzle I have been looking for throughout my adult life.

In March 2009, I found myself struggling with the idea of learning how to forgive myself. This quandary stemmed from a sermon given by an amazing lady – Asha Praver – at Ananda Sangha in Palo Alto, California. Part of the Sunday experience at Ananda is to consciously practice a spiritual quality or characteristic throughout the week.  Each week Asha talks about a different aspect of spiritual consciousness and what Jesus (and the Bible) says about it, as well as the ancient texts and the masters from India – and how it ties into modern life.

This particular week Asha brought up the subject of forgiving oneself and unlike other subjects prior to this one, I found myself profoundly struggling with the “how” part the following week – so much so – that I scheduled a private meeting with Asha to discuss it.

Forgiving myself subsequently became an internal theme until June of 2009 when I spent my first weekend intensive with Dr Ed Carlson at a beautiful spot in the mountains of North Carolina experiencing Heart Forgiveness.

Since that time, much of the world as I knew it has shifted, as I go deeper and deeper, cleaning out the layers of junk and accumulated debris and as I completely and thoroughly uncover my pure core of health.

Heart Forgiveness is such an essential tool and so easy to implement within one’s life. For those who are ready, this may be exactly what it takes to completely change your life as it has mine.

Since 1971, I have focused on studying systems of energy, natural health and wellness, with an emphasis on longevity and physical balance. Born in San Francisco with a strong orientation to Spirituality, I have been aligned with Eastern energetic and healing practices from a very young age.

Heart Forgiveness and Core Health get the Blue Ribbons. After thousands of dollars spent on self development and transformation seminars, courses, books, discussion groups, meditations and workshops of all types spanning some 15 years, I realize that I could have done it all within a year or less.

This knowledge is where science meets energy in the human and spiritual sense.  You may not choose to become a Facilitator as I have, but I guarantee this will help you with your life – if and when you are ready to receive it.

Wishing you blessings for an abundant and wonderful life.

Michael Barrett

Heart Forgiveness Facilitator

Sarasota, Florida

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  1. November 20, 2009 3:29 am

    Michael, that sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading more from you about heart forgiveness.

    • December 2, 2009 9:33 pm

      Hi Marie,

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is wonderful – it really is and it’s exciting for me because I also feel expanded when I am able to help people with this work. Dr Carlson calls it “reciprocal benefits” – the new phenomenon of increased energy in both the person assisting (facilitating) and the client. This contrast to the loss of energy and down drag on traditional counselors.

      It is rewarding and joyful service. As I work with people, it is such a pleasure to see the joy emerge and the light shine brighter than before.

      Please stay in plugged in and making comments.



  2. Jane permalink
    December 2, 2009 8:46 pm

    The timing of “finding” this is great – just this week I have been taking on self-forgiveness to a new level, and it has brought Heart Forgiveness to the fore. I’m meeting up with Pamela when she comes over (toUK) …..

    • December 2, 2009 8:56 pm

      Hi Jane, I’m so glad to hear that. Pamela is an angel and you will love her. Thanks for the note. Michael


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