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What is Heart Forgiveness? Anger Courses With Results.

April 1, 2011


Heart Forgiveness Workshops are anger courses with measurable results. Let’s talk about what happens in Heart Forgiveness Workshops.

It turns out that forgiveness is not what we thought it was.

It is not a conscious process. It is not a matter of learning how to face your ‘perpetrator or the person you are angry with’ and make peace with them.

Forgiveness is not for THEM.

It is for US – to be free of the energetic connections to the events, people and anger that make us weak and hold us to the past. Forgiveness is a matter of debugging the operating software system (the underlying subconscious programming and energy glitches) permanently.

We, as a modern society, have not understood this before. We were always taught that forgiveness is for the other person. Something around:

If we forgive them, God will forgive us.

Wrong answer, that’s not how it works after all.

When we change our energy connection to the “thing (or person) that needs to be forgiven”, we set our energy free around that issue and make it available to the rest of us (our energy and consciousness).

It’s like repairing shorts in an electrical system or the unplugging the plumbing so everything can flow freely – AND NATURALLY – again.

In a way, the  Heart Forgiveness process is like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, only it’s the heart edition:

Extreme Makeover Heart Edition.

We go into the basement, attic and garage of our mind, emotions and our energy and renovate.

The first thing we do in a renovation is bring in the dumpster and “demo”. We collect and remove of all the junk, debris and garbage. Then we clean everything, re-organize, put everything that we’re keeping back where it belongs. Sometimes there are electrical issues and grounding problems. Sometimes we repair the plumbing and the heating and cooling systems, we add new storage, move a wall or two, renovate the foundation and landscape.

With some paint, new fixtures and TLC, everything works better and we have replaced the house to the type of condition it was in – in the beginning.

And in this context: basically a new version of the original you.

Before the hurt and emotional pain and loss and lack of clarity – like it was when you were a young child – clear, whole and powerful.

Extreme Makeover Heart Edition in 4 Sessions.

In the same way that the team of experts on Extreme Makeover Home Edition completely renovates a house – or builds a new one (or Gordon Ramsey and his team renovate a restaurant in Kitchen Nightmares) in a week – start to finish,  as Facilitators, we facilitate the Extreme Makeover Heart Edition in 4 days (or a 3 day intensive).

In the Heart Forgiveness Workshop

People release anger permanently through clearing energy glitches that have been locked in to the energy system as operating and underlying subconscious defaults.

These defaults direct our subconscious reactions to ‘the glitch” without our conscious awareness that it is happening in most cases. We know something is going on – usually after the fact, just not what it is for sure.

The release is always subtle and sometimes dramatic in the following way. There is an overriding sense of “relief” coupled with a huge release of energy. Actually a better way to say it might be: access to a great deal more energy through expansion.

With roots in Dr John Diamond and Dr David Hawkin’s work, Core Health and Heart Forgiveness execute and make possible the results that Dr Bruce Lipton talks about as a possibility.

Heart Forgiveness is fast, effective, unique, powerful, simple and fun. And yet it changes lives.

The effects and benefits from the workshop continue to expand far into the future once they begin because that is how life energy works.

All of us know what “life energy” is about. Yet no one ever taught us how to manage it. Heart Forgiveness does.

See for yourself and see what others are saying about Heart Forgiveness Workshops and Core Health at Core Health Testimonials.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator. Alexandra Barrett is a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.


Grand Master David and SRC4U Software

March 27, 2011


Ever noticed how there are turning points in our lives? And have you also noticed that many times we do not recognize those turning points when they are occurring?


Earlier in life, it was easy for me to miss these events – only to recognize them in retrospect. At this stage of my life, it seem much easier not to overlook important moments. As if a new type of radar has been installed in my consciousness that activates in internal notification system to:


Meeting Grand Master David was one of those turning points in my life. It was also a fundamental point of correction. Coupled with Core Health (the work of Dr Ed Carlson), my life has changed – for the better – significantly in the last two years.


And that’s a good thing. It was time.


Doing Core Health Workshops and Heart Forgiveness Workshops over the last year and a half has given me a renewed sense of purpose in my life. Over and over again, we see people shifting, expanding and releasing old emotional baggage and energy glitches that somehow ran their subconscious minds for years without being aware of it.


What we are doing as Core Health Facilitators really makes a difference for many people and is incredibly satisfying work.


Another turning point I can identify right that is taking place right now.


Grand Master David, the youngest martial arts Grandmaster in the world and an exceptional Qigong man, has spent the better part of the last four years creating a software that he describes as a Qigong Enhancement Tool.


His knowledge and dedication to humanity unparalleled and I recognize the magnitude and value of this tool he has created for the long term.


The name of his software is SRC4U (spiritual real time correction) and you can find out more here:



There are two ways to try the software for free:
  1. Download a copy of the free Ultra Lite version to keep.
  2. Download a 2 week trial of the Premium SRC4U version
There are also 4 links to different articles at the top of that page – 3 of them about Grandmaster David.



Health, old technology and 21st century technology are really coming together.


Check this out and try the software for yourself. We’d love to hear back from you.


Having an awesome day in Sarasota, Fl…


I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Core Health Facilitator and I Love Qigong. 

Sarasota Heart Forgiveness Workshops March 2011

March 13, 2011


New Heart Forgiveness Workshops in Sarasota this March.

Being a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator is a real blessing. Each new series expands the awe and wonder of the magnitude of human consciousness. There is both joy and fulfillment in facilitating processes that in-power the individual to move from confusion and fragmentation to being whole and complete again – within themselves.

To step out of illusion, disappointment and anger into awe.

As participants shift and open – and the ‘glow of understanding’ starts shining through them – their hearts and eyes and smiles – it is always a miracle.

There is a gentleness, a softness and a sense of awakening like a newly birthed doe struggling to stand up and walk the first time. And then springing into motion – taking in the amazing world around them.

Sometimes it is almost unspeakable and stunning – like a beautiful sunset or a magnificent piece of music or art, like standing in the presence of a master and knowing it.

The warmth. The power of love. The expanding energy.


These are the moments that make life worth living and valuable.

The amazing part is that it happens every time. Not necessarily in the same, specific way each time – because the people are different – yet in the same powerful, transformational way. And in the end, everybody feels it.

Somehow we grow again and again in the process.

New Sarasota Heart Forgiveness Workshops are forming now. Come and be a part of this experience and see for yourself. You can see what others are saying about their own experiences here: Heart Forgiveness Testimonials

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator. Alexandra Barrett is a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator and together we offer a dynamic balance of healthy male and female energy in the work as a facilitator team.

Heart Forgiveness – Fast Effective Anger Courses

September 15, 2010

Heart Forgiveness – Fast, Effective Anger Courses

For a long time in my own experience, there has been a lot of talk  about forgiving others and learning how to forgive ourselves. The first time I remember hearing about that was around age 11 at the First Baptist Church in Albany, California from a pastor I admired a great deal as a boy, Pastor Marshall Lucky.

In the back of my mind, there are memories around forgiveness mostly from the bible study classes at that church.

Mark Twain said…”Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

Catherine Ponder says:”When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”

Mark Twain and Catherine Ponder both have it right – from my personal experience as a Heart Forgiveness and Core Health Facilitator.

Twain gets it right from the perspective that there are no ‘attachments’ and that forgiveness is given freely without precipitation or judgment – from the heart.

Catherine Ponder is right about the strength of the bond of resentment. Regarding her statement, perhaps we can enhance what she said by adding the following:

The key to forgiveness is releasing the energetic bond where the emotional bond is rooted.

Combining all three statements creates a clear approximation of the results we get using Dr. Ed Carlson’s system of Heart Forgiveness.

Regarding forgiveness using Dr. David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness (source: Map of Consciousness, Page 68, “Power vs Force”) forgiveness is identified by Dr. Hawkins as an emotion at 350 on the level of “acceptance”.

Using comprehensive kinesiology, we verify that forgiveness takes place in the emotion at 350. Forgiveness in the mind takes place over 400 and forgiveness in the energy (forgiveness in the heart) takes place above 500.

Long term and permanent forgiveness takes place in the energy where it clears the energetic bond to the event or to the person or to the experience that needs forgiveness.

When we break the ‘bondage’ to anger about the event, person or experience in the energy something interesting also happens which is called a bonus shift in Core Health. Because the release of the connection to the energy takes place above 500, it also clears the connections in the emotion and the mind at 350 and 400+ respectively.

This is the way to permanently release anger, to live without anger and to forgive others and ourselves. Because we clear energetic connections to anger, Heart Forgiveness workshops are the most efficient live anger courses available and method of achieving forgiveness. You can release anger once and for all – permanently.

Check it our for yourself. You don’t have to take my word for it.  Join a live 4 session Heart Forgiveness workshop and see what kind of results YOU get.

Call 941-554-8657 or 941-227-5763 for more information. New Heart Forgiveness and Core Health Workshops are starting now in Sarasota, Florida…

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Certified Core Health and a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.

What’s New in Heart Forgiveness Workshops

August 31, 2010

This week’s news in Heart Forgiveness – one session ends and a new one begins

This week brings us to the end of a special Heart Forgiveness session working with a father and two sons. The boys are both teenagers – one 14 and one just turned 16 the day before the sessions began – visiting Florida from England for two weeks.

We modified the normal time frame from a typical 4 week cycle meeting once a week to a two week cycle with two sessions a week.

These kids got the hang of Heart Forgiveness fast. They jumped right in, rolled up their sleeves – each choosing to clean up their act. This is my first experience facilitating teenagers and overall it was fun.

Kids clear trauma and emotional junk fast because they are young and have not had years – like adults – to accumulate and reinforce energy glitches and dysfunctional behavior patterns.

There was also an aspect of playfulness and a sort of unspoken disregard for convention that distinguished it from traditional sessions.

Forgiveness – What an Amazing Thing for Two Boys and a Father…

In spite of silliness, games and proactive clowning around (creating all out laughter at times) there was some deep releasing going on.  Shifts in anabolic energy were huge to the positive and a great deal of anger released by all of the particpants, not just our teenage pair.

During our third session, in spite of a fairly high degree of initial resistance to the breakthrough, there was a huge release for one of the boys that was both emotional and disturbing. From my perspective it was exciting because I sensed what was imminent and gently, yet supportively, pushed for a positive transformation and shift, and it happened.

His intuitive father played a role as a catalyst as well.

There were brief moments of discomfort as participants dealt with the intensity and the emotional release. The room stabilized quickly as we all moved back into our hearts and energy, as a team.

It is a joy to be both a stimulus and an observer. What great work this is seeing people emerge and expand out of separation into wholeness.

The boys’ father has immense insight to recognize both the need and the potential for these kids and to make it his mission to bring all three of them back into alignment.

This is a great dad and these are great kids.

The fourth participant is an amazing man who has struggled with anger for many years and what progress he has made over the last few months.

Heart Forgiveness does it again.

Later this week, we complete the fourth session. Working with this group has been fun and rewarding experience. Thanks guys – all of you – for playing full on and doing such a great job.

New Heart Forgiveness Workshop

Date: Begins September 2

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Location: Rejuvenations

Address: 2650 Bee Ridge, Sarasota, Fl  34231 (about a block towards the water from Tuttle on the south side of the road)

Contact: 941-554-8657 or 941-227-5763

Come join us. You’ll love it. Class is filling fast…
Co-Facilitators: Michael Barrett and Alexandra Barrett

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Core Health Facilitator

Heart Forgiveness – Anger Courses and Workshops

July 31, 2010

Heart Forgiveness sessions are much more than anger courses or an anger management class.

Heart Forgiveness is a four session workshop that shows participants:

  • both how to forgive
  • and how to live without anger

rather than how to manage anger.

What if you could take an anger class that actually gets rid of anger? Why do you want to manage anger when you can get rid of it permanently?

You might be thinking:

“That’s easy for you to say. How do I DO that?”

If you go online and research anger management classes and anger courses, you’l find that there are lessons that students have to study, questions to answer and a certain amount of clock time to graduate and get an anger management certificate.

From an academic perspective there is probably some real value in the content of the course materials. Bringing awareness to a problem is a very good place to start solving it. If you think about it, in the context of the course work, when a participant takes an online anger class it is all learning that takes place in the head.

It has to be because the courses are done cognitively with reading, comprehension, questions and tests. Unfortunately, anger and forgiveness are not aspects of the conscious mind. Anger and forgiveness are not rooted in mental patterns. They are behavioral patterns that express emotional patterns rooted much deeper than conscious thinking.

Let’s look at this and think about it.

Is Anger a Thought or an Emotion?

Does correcting a negative thought correct the underlying negative emotion?


Of course a person can have angry thoughts when they are angry internally. The thoughts stem from behavioral patterns not thought patterns. This may sound a bit redundant yet it really isn’t.  Talking about or thinking about them does not change emotional and behavioral patterns.  Angry behavior comes from deep seated emotional stuff that is expressed through behavior. These behaviors are actually emotional patterns established within the personality and energy of the person. It is not conscious thought, rather subconscious thought and behavior that create the expression.

The big questions is this:

Why Do You Want to Manage Anger Anyway?

Wouldn’t It Be a Better Solution to Get Rid of Anger Permanently?

In my book, the answer is yes. Permanent works.

Maybe you’re like me.

Managing stuff I don’t like over and over again is a lot harder for me than dealing both with the problem – and it’s root – and getting rid of it once and for all so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Otherwise it’s like cutting a limb off a tree that is dying with a massive root infestation.

Heart Forgiveness heals and cleanses emotions by first healing the underlying glitch in the energy pattern. When this happens, it creates a new vibrational pattern without the glitch and this new vibrational pattern bubbles up into the emotions and thoughts.

It’s an inside-out clearing and alignment not a top down or outside-in correction.

When the emotional pattern that creates the anger is erased and replaced with a healthy one, what remains is a healthy pattern. The net result is that healthy emotions and behaviors become the new default.  What other anger course does that?

Heart Forgiveness is a system created by Dr. Ed  Carlson of St. Petersberg, Florida. Heart Forgiveness works in the realm of human consciousness above 500 according to Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness.  This is important in this discussion because thinking and reason (in Hawkins map of consciousness – page 68 – Power vs Force) cap at 499.

By the way, anger on Hawkins scale is at 150 on a scale of 1-1000.

The point is you can’t think forgiveness because it takes place at a higher level of consciousness in the heart and the energy – deeper than thought and reason.

Heart Forgiveness gets permanent results in 4 Sessions.

Sessions runs about 2-3 hours depending on the number of people in the group. It is a hands on highly interactive workshop facilitated by a Certified Core Health and Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.

It’s fun, easy and interesting.

Anger is toxic. Quit trying to manage it. Get rid of anger once and for all.

Why not take one of the anger courses that will help you resolve anger issues in your own life?

New Heart Forgiveness Workshops  starting next week and next month. We are also taking sign ups for a new Core Health series in August. Give us a call or send an email

941-227-5763  or       email heartforgivenessfacilitatoratgmaildotcom

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Certified Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.

Michael and Alexandra Barrett facilitate Heart Forgiveness Workshops, Core Health Workshops and Funny with Money Workshops

Forgiveness…Yes But How?

June 30, 2010

Forgiveness…Yes, But How?

Forgiveness is, in many ways, a mystery.  Can you touch it? Can you see it? Can you hand it to the one who made you so angry you weren’t sure what you would do or say?  How do you remove the black rock that has lodged itself inside you and years later is still rock hard and growing? Why should you even care?

Anger will eat us alive and as one author said,”the skeleton at the feast is you” and that is truly how it feels.  People tell me over and again that they have forgiven the same issue so many times and the second that button gets activated it all comes up again as though it happened only yesterday. Anger is a bitter taste, plummeting solar plexus, adrenaline rush, and exhaustion all at the same time. Can that possibly be good for you?  Only if you just killed the beast that was attacking your family.

The process used in Heart Forgiveness Workshops called the DTQ Process took thirty years to develop and is the most effective way to not only forgive, but to forgive in the heart, and have it last forever, that I have ever found. I can tell you what we do but what good is that?  Talk is cheap.

There is a saying I heard years ago that I never forgot and it relates to anger and its friend bitterness. “Before 40 you have the face God gave you. After 40 you have the face you give yourself.”  We all start out with the beauty and purity of our pure core of health radiating through us, our shining eyes and lovely faces. Come to a Heart Forgiveness Workshop and permanently rid yourself of years of toxic, aging, debilitating, and literally physically deforming ANGER before it damages your heart and your health for another day. Forgiveness not only heals- it beautifies.

Join us in Sarasota, or anywhere else you’d like to put a group together for a Heart Forgiveness Intensive Weekend and we will make arrangements with you. Booking now for the Fall and Winter.

Heart Forgiveness is about what Forgiveness does for YOU.

I Am Alexandra Barrett and I Am a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator.